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  Vehicle Accidents:
  - Personal Injury
    The dangers of our modern highways are a fact no matter how hard we try
    to drive safely. Unfortunately serious injuries occur because of the  
    carelessness of others. The cost in medical bills, loss of work, pain, suffering
    and permanent injury often happens to those that are injured through no fault
    of their own. But they may be entitled to recover money from the responsible
    party and other sources. However, the complexities of dealing with various
    forms of insurance coverage and insurance companies often requires the  
    advice and help of a counselor to be certain all available coverage is used for
    the maximum benefit of the injured client. We can help with our 48 years of
    legal service.

    - Wrongful Death
      Just as the consequences of personal injury to innocent people can result in
     large financial stress, the death of a loved one or bread winner can be 
     devastating. Not only is the personal loss of companionship and affection 
     unbearable, the monetary loss is usually catastrophic. The help of an 
     experienced professional can often ease the monetary loss;  Nothing can 
     ease the pain of personal loss.

   Workers' Compensation:

     When a worker is injured on the job in most cases he or she is entitled to 
     certain benefits no matter of fault. These benefits would include lifetime 
     medical benefits for the injury, partial reimbursement of lost wages and 
     some other benefits as provided by Virginia law, such as an adjustment for  
     permanent conditions. Unfortunately, workers' compensation insurance 
     companies pick over almost every case very carefully and seek to reject 
     claims for small technical reasons often making seemingly clear cases a 
     problem. A lawyer can often help workers assert their legitimate claims even
     when the insurance carriers are making the process difficult.

   General Practice: 

​     In a general practice there are several areas of law that a lawyer can be of  help. 
     We draft non complex wills and other estate planning documents. We
     can also assist in the organization of small businesses and advise on 
     contract disputes and other business related matters.


  Criminal Trials/Traffic Cases: 

  - Criminal Trials
     One of the most terrifying and helpless feelings is having to face a judge who  
    has your life and future in his or her hands. No one should face this alone
    without an experienced lawyer fighting to protect your rights against the
    prosecution of the law.While no lawyer can guarantee an acquittal in every
    case, a good lawyer will use all of his skills and experience to achieve the best
    and fairest result in your case. 

  - Traffic Cases
      The dreaded blue lights in your rear view mirror usually means bad news is
     on the way. It could be as simple as a speeding ticket or more serious such as
     a DUI, reckless driving or more. No matter the degree of the charge, there
     will be significant expenses, not only in fines and court costs, but also in
     potential increases in insurance premiums. With the advice of an experienced
     lawyer, many cases can be defended to eliminate or reduce the charges.

​   Social Security Disability:

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The worst tragedy that can befall a working citizen is to loose his or her ability to earn an income as the result of illness or injury. Such a disability can lead to the loss of home and financial security. But there is hope for those who have worked during their lifetime and paid into Social Security for insurance against such a terrible event. Should you find yourself totally and permanently unable to engage in substantial  gainful employment, you may be qualified to receive monthly disability payments and to receive Medicare benefits. These entitlements, while lawfully available to those qualified, are not always easily obtained and often require months of complicated guidance though the rules and regulations of the Social Security Administration. We have over forty eight years experience in representing disabled workers.